Veteran Disc Jockey of Akwa Ibom origin, DJ Dollie Popman has pen a lengthy piece to address discussions concerning musicians and the need to acquire standard education.

The article was inspired following arguments that trended recently amongst musicians in Akwa Ibom State about the need for artistes to acquire education.

The conversation was motivated by musician, Uncle Eddy, the ‘Nne Calabar’ crooner who is a Masters Degree holder.

DJ Dollie Popman speaks from an experience stand point, having spent over 2 decades in the Nigerian music-entertainment industry.

Read Dollie Popman’s view below;


While a higher education does not necessarily guarantee success, it’s unquestionably desirable. For artistes, making hit music requires talent, skills, hardwork and the grace of God.

Numerous examples abound, home & abroad. Acquiring a university degree or a college diploma isn’t a requirement for making hit music; but it no doubt sharpens ones skills and provide a better understanding of today’s complex entertainment environment.

Knowledge is power; and it can be acquired through formal learning and industry experience. In a rapidly changing world that we live in, with high tech production studios and equipment, having a basic knowledge of their operations provides a game changing advantage. Again, that doesn’t necessarily translate into professional success.

Those who make the argument that “school is scam” are not only dangerous and a great menace to our society, but also constitute a criminal barrier to our collective efforts to push back the frontiers of ignorance.

To portray education as a scam or even attempting to underplay its significance by some Akwa Ibom artistes is a deeply troubling development, to say the least. It must be condemned in the strongest words possible.

I will always applaud and eternally promote artistes like Sir Wilker, who without a higher education credential, is the most consistent Akwa Ibom musician, with a huge loyal fan base. I’m one of them. He leads a very decent and relatively glamorous life almost entirely by playing music. Should we shame him because he doesn’t have a college degree, no! Should we encourage others to ignore education and pursue music just because Wilker is making it? Hell NO!

Read about Bob Marley, Ebenezer Obey, Sir Shina Peters, Oliver De Coque, King Sunny Ade, etc. These are all legendary multiple platinum music makers.
Identify your talents, hone your skills, work hard, remain focused on your goals, learn new things about your industry, keep abreast of the state of your art.

Encourage people to acquire knowledge that they need, don’t shame on those who didn’t have the privilege to obtain a university degree.
Going to school is crucial but not enough; knowledge gained but not applied is useless. That’s my take.
May God bless your hustles

DJ Dollie Popman © 2019