Blog vs Website – The Difference


Most people do wonder , if there is any difference in particular between , blog and website ? 

Actually yes , there is a big difference which most people find to differentiate . 

What exactly is a blog . 

Blog is a type of website , that is been mostly owned by individuals or small group of people , it is frequently updated so as to draw large traffic to the site . 

The journey of blog first began in the late 90’s it started as “web blog” and it later changed to “we blog” . 

After a while , the first most used popular website was launched and was later acquired by Google in February 2003 . 

What is now the difference between a blog and website

Blogs is most owned by individual , to reach across to large number of people .

Website are static in nature , and are mostly owned by business organization. 

Advantages of blogs.

1. It can be used to create awareness of what you sell or what you do 

It can be used to generate money , ways it can be used to generate money are as follow 

1. Blog can be used to generate money , through Google AdSense

2. It can be used via advertising for people 

3) it can be used to generate money via affiliate marketing

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