DevFest (the largest annual community campaign for GDG chapters around the world)

We are gradually using Technology to change the narrative of Uyo, Nigeria and Africa at large.
We are very deliberate about this, despite the struggle our economy and the policies puts us through; we are determined to set sail the flag and make it rain technological.


We are turning the world’s attention to Uyo, Nigeria and Africa. We were once known for corruption, even when our supposed leaders are still shaming the country. We rise above it all.

We are Digital Nomads and we are always busy saving the world with a click according to Hanson JohnsonIzed Uanikhehi is very particular about building a Digital community that would foster collective growth, Francis Onuk and Tony Onukare already preparing the millennial for what is to come, Sunday Ukafia has done well to put Uyo on the map, Samuel Ogu is a shrewd business man who is set to make it rain, Nsikak Thompson is already representing us in the global stage, David Inyangetoh is the engine room to what Uyo is cooking for the world, Christian Jombocodes is what we are counting on for a better Uyo and many more guys…

We are proud humans of Uyo and we are giving all our shots to make Uyo better.

Have you registered for #DevFestSSUyo?
Register now and be part of the revolution.

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