Edima Imara’s Dance Worka seminar featured speakers like Joachim Ituah, Imeh Akpan and Ini Mbang, yesterday.

As dancers, we are not ignorant of the issues in our “industry”. Lack of structure, a misplaced sense of entitlement, disregard for growth, self-proclaimed status, etc.


But in a place like Uyo (AKS), we have the opportuinity to enjoy so much. The possibilities are endless and even though we are slowly realizing it, I can take comfort in the fact that the realization does exist.

2020 has seen a dance commuinity that is making an effort to “poke our noses in eachother’s business”, but in a good way. Few things encourage growth more than a rubbing of minds. If we hold on and continue, choosing to come together and support each other, there is little to nothing we will not be able to achieve when we set our minds to it.

I was glad to be there yesterday. I hope 2020 continues to up it’s game.