Five Cool Inventions Made by Children


We live in a world of technologies, where artificial intelligence is almost changing everything. Adults are trying their best, so also children. These cool inventions were made by children. Who says inventions are only made by grown-ups and professional?. Over the years, children have also succeeded in making their useful contributions to the world. When given the opportunity, children are capable of developing creative and innovative ideas that can change the world.

Here are inventions that came to life from the minds of young children:

Urine Power Generator

1. Urine powered generator:

This might seen extremely disgusting at first, but after a short while, the pure brilliance of the sets in. This is an invention by not professional scientist, but by applaudable secondary school girls. The generator provides 6 hours of electricity when 1 liter of urine is poured.

Robotic Earthworm

2. Robotic earthworm:

Invented by Davis Cohen. He believed it could be used to find victims after disaster like flood, earthquake etc. He intends to use his Robotic worm to squeeze into small and dangerous places, where search dogs and humans could not go and search.

Portable Wheel Chair

3. Portable wheelchair hoist:

At only eight years old, Amelia fox invented a portable wheelchair hoist. To help lift people in and out of their wheelchair, prevent people from falling and sustaining injuries. She invented this hoist for her brother who had just gotten hip surgery.

Hero Helmet

4. Hero Helmet :

9 years old boy named Samuel Meyer’s aimed at stopping people from riding without using helmet. This invention features an inbuilt remote that controls a lock on the wheels, which unlocks when the helmet is being worn by the rider. This is cool.


5. B.E.A.C.O.N:

15 years old Hannah Herb’s invention, which is an acronym for bringing electricity access to countries through ocean energy. She was inspired by her friend who lives in Ethopia and did not have access to lights. So she came up with the idea of B.E.A.C.O.N, which captures energy directly from ocean waves. She’s desirous to bring light into the world. And her invention won several and numerous award.

We also have a long history of child inventors, who have created thing like Braille, the trampoline, and even Christmas lights. Children have continued to prove that though they are young, they can do great things

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