About the Other Day with Mmanti Umoh who reached out to CEOs/Founders/Directors/Administrators of Youth-Led Organisations/Companies in Akwa Ibom to intimate them on the Future Awards Africa by the The Future Project and crave their indulgence in nominating worthy receivers aged 18 – 31.

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of modern economies however the cultivation of leaders with exceptional character and skills is critical to Akwa Ibom’s development.
The scale, scope and complexity of the economic and social transformation to come will be such that no one sector – government, business, civil society or academia – will be able to manage the transformation alone. We’re going to need strong alliances that bring different sectors together if we are to overcome its challenges.
Civil society organisations, with their capacity for increasing accountability and promoting participation, can play a critical partnership role with both governments and businesses. By sharing information, resources, activities, and capabilities we can achieve things together that we could never achieve alone.
We have agreed as a team CEOs/Founders/Directors/Administrators of Youth-Led Organisations/Companies that …..If we are looking to the rest of the world to show faith in the Akwa Ibom growth story, then as Akwa Ibomites ourselves, we must demonstrate our own commitment. A collaborative approach to Akwa Ibom’s own growth story driven by the continent itself will make it a stronger contender globally.
Akwa Ibom youth don’t need charity, we need good leadership. In Akwa Ibom, We collaborate and we win. That is the #NewNarrative
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Inoyo Toro Foundation, Decade Reality, Haven Media, Codekago, Purplesoftng Interactive.
Let’s Collaborate Some More….
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