Hair: How To Do Your Own Finger Coils


In these times of difficulty where we happen to find ourselves, there’s nothing as good as an incredibly low maintenance hair. The kind of hairstyle that requires little or no effort and lets you get up and go at any time. We’re talking about finger coils.

Let’s be honest, unless you’re Naomi Campbell who may be called for a magazine shoot or a movie star whose life is tied to the camera, no one really wants to splash out so much money on the hair and this has technically made the low-budget hairstyles the best option for the season. Luckily, there are a lot of solutions for this.

While there may be assorted braid hairstyles that tick the boxes, finger coils can do no wrong when it comes to a chic low maintenance hair. Although it is not completely a protective hairstyle due to the exposed ends, finger coils are super easy to achieve and can last up to three weeks which entirely depends on you. Below, we’ve provided you with the tutorial that will guide you through the process of finger curling your hair.

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