Let’s keep our cultural identity alive. Give your children beautiful Ibibio names.

Here’s a check list:

Abasiakamauwemowo = My Life is in God’s guard
Abasiama = God love
Abasi-Ifreke = God Never Forget
Abasiodiong = Godbless
Adiaba = First female child
Adiaha = First daughter
Afiah = Fourth born son
Akakaneno = The Ultimate gift
Akpan = First male son
Amaeka = The love of a mother
Andino = God the giver.
Aniamaowo = Who likes you
Aniebietabasi = Who resemble God?
Aniekanabasi = Who is greater than God
Anietie = Who could you compare (to God)?
Anwangabasi = God understand best
Anwa-nwa = Third daughter
Aquabasi = GREAT GOD
Asun = Fourth daughter
Ayamma = Will you love me?
Ayanti = Will you remember me?
Barasuene = Abundance
Daraima = Celebrate Love
Dattoyobong = Use it to remember God
Edem = Back
Edemanwan = A family daughter
Edetobo = Market day
Edidem = Chief
Edidiong = Blessing
Edikan = victory
Edimek = chosen
Edinen = Upright
Efem = Troubled
Ekaete = Father’s Mom
Ekemini = The appointed time
Ekong = War
Emaedo = A female child who has a good character(Loving character)
Emaobong = Love of God
Emekan = Endurance supercedes everything
Emekemeabasi = The lord Is Able
Emem = Peace
Ememabasi = Peace of the Lord
Ememobong = Peace of the Lord
Eme-obong = Precious one of God
Emeti = This name actually a question. Do you remember what God has done for you?
Emeti-abasi = Do You remember what God Has Done For You
Emineimo = The beginning of greatness/wealth
Eno = Gift
Eno-Obong = Gift from God
Esse-Abasi = Gospel, Goodnews
Essien = Outside
Etido = Good character
Etiesse = Goodnews
Etim = market day
Etima = GoodLove
Etinamabasiyakka = When my Enemies Plans Against Me, God never allow
Etok = small
Etoro = Praise
Iberedemobong = God’s support or strenght.
Idara = Joy
Idaramfon = Happiness is free
Idongesit = Comfort
Idorenyin = Hope
Ifiok = Wisdom
Ifiokobong = Wisdom of God
Ikemesit = Singleness of the Heart, Harmony
Imaabasi = God’s love
Imauwemi = Love of my life
Imeh/Idobe = endurance
Inemesit = Joy from the heart
Inemesit = Happiness
Iniabasi = God’s time
Inyene = Riches
Itoro = Glory
KentoroAbasi = I am glorifying God or I am praising God
Kufre = Don’t forget
Kufreabasi = Do not forget God
Kukere = Don’t Think or Don’t worry Yourself
Kuma = Am still in love with you
Kunsua = Don’t hate me
Kuyik-Abasi = Faith in God
Mfonabasi = God’s favor
Mfoniso = Goodluck
Mfoniso = Goodluck or Lucky
Mmekomabasi = I Thank God
Ndifreke = I would never forget
Ndifreke = It means i would not forget my God
Ndinamsomfon = what shall i do to be good
Nduesoh = What have I done wrong
Nkanta = You conquer and eat
Nkenimabasi = I trusted in God.
Nmosohwo = What have I done to you people
Nne-ekami = My old grandmother’s grandmother
Nnwa = Second daughter
Nse = I am looking
Nsedu = I am looking at you character
NSEMO = Looking at them
Nsikak = Ask a Efik/Ibibio man there for the meaning
Nsikak-Abasi = Nothing is too heavy for God
Nsikan = Ask that Efik/Ibibio man there for the meaning
Nsikan-Obong = Nothing is more than God
Nwaha = Second female child
Nwah-Nwah = Third female child
Obongama = God’s love
Obongama = God’s love
Ofonime = It is good to be patience
Okon = Night
Oto-Obong = From God
Otu = Chief/King
Otuekongabasi = Warrior or war bearer
Owoidohoukem = Everybody are not Equal
andiyene ama……………………………..the owners love
uduak abasi……………………………………..Gods will
ete obong……………………………………… … the kings father
Tima = Remember Love
Udemeobong = My share from God
Udo = Second son of the family
Udofia = Fourth born son
Udofot = Fourth born son
Udoh = second Male son
Udoh-Udoh = Third born son
Udom = Right
Udo-udo = Third son
UduakAbasi = Will of God
Ufia = Fourth son
Ufia-ufia = Fifth son
Ufot = Third born son
Ukeme = Ability
Uko = Courage; bravery
Unwanaabasi = God’s light
Usen = Day
Usoro = Festivity
Utibe = Marvelous/ Wonderful
Uwakmfon = Abundant blessing
Uwem = Life
By Aniekeme Finbarr

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