The young men and women indicating interest to run for the coming Local Councils elections in Kogi State (the first since Gov Yahaya Bello’s administration in 2016; and apparently neccesited due to the poor handling of affairs at the local level by his appointees administrators), must be reminded that as young people more is expected of them, and they are familiar suspects.

Ambition goes beyond some lengthy manifestoes and mere expression of wishes and desires on Facebook and elsewhere. Aspirants must be able to articulate their plans and how to fund those plans independently. I mean, creativity and innovations should be the bedrock of governance in democracy and not rehashed rhetorics of what can be achieved once elected while waiting for some vague allocations.

Political ambition is not some pretty face contest by beaming smiles and adorning cap in studio 24. It is about the urgency of purpose and services. There is no space for you if you are going in there to smile to the bank. Let’s not make nonsense of the noble idea of Samson Itodo in championing young leadership through the #NotTooYoungToRun movement.

Tell us in practical terms how you intend to govern with innovative ideas. Not too young to run is not a vista to loot but to serve!