SIMON KOLAWOLE: The US has finally placed a ban on immigrant visas for Nigerians and nationals of six other countries over the failure to comply with its established identity-management and information-sharing criteria. The good news is that the regular visas, such as B1/B2, are not affected, even if successful applications could become fewer.

Applicants for US immigrant visas have indeed been experiencing restrictions recently. Already, there is a ban on birth tourism — effectively meaning foreign women can no longer travel to the US to give birth to get citizenship for their babies. This will affect most countries. Those who find a way round it will certainly be penalised some other way.

NEW YORK TIMES: President Trump on Friday added six countries to his list of nations facing stringent travel restrictions, a move that will virtually block immigration from Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria, and from Myanmar, where the Muslim minority is fleeing genocide.

Beside Nigeria, three other African countries, Eritrea, Sudan and Tanzania, will face varying degrees of restrictions, as will one former Soviet state, Kyrgyzstan. Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims could also be caught in the crossfire.

All six countries have substantial Muslim populations. The total number of countries now on the restricted travel list stands at 13.

Immigrant visas, issued to those seeking to live in the United States, will be banned for Nigeria, Myanmar, Eritrea and Kyrgyzstan. The ban will also prevent immigrants from Sudan and Tanzania from moving to the United States through the diversity visa lottery, which grants green cards to as many as 50,000 people a year.

US GOVT: Nigeria also presents a high risk, relative to other countries in the world, of terrorist travel to the United States. Nigeria is an important strategic partner in the global fight against terrorism, and the US continues to engage with Nigeria on these and other issues.